It is the official Retreat Center of Palakkad diocese, in Kerala State, India. His Excellency Mar Jacob Manathodath, the Bishop of Palakkad diocese is the Patron of this Centre, under whose powerful guidance and paternal blessings, all activities of the various ministries are prayerfully held by the twelve ministries at Sehion Retreat Centre.

Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil is the founder-director of Sehion Retreat Centre, which was blessed and inaugurated on the 28th April 1998, with just a very small prayer group at Thavalom, in Palakkad district, Kerala state, India. Facing several challenges with the grace of the Almighty, today the Sehion services have developed into twelve ministries, taking up the tasks of announcing the Good News to all sections of the people, all around the world. The twelve Sehion ministries derive special blessings from the Holy Spirit, such that they are backed by pious priests and laymen who are so devoted in supporting Fr. Xavier Khan in his divine mission of spreading the Word of God in India and abroad, as well.

With the apostolic blessings from Mar Jacob Manathodath, the Bishop of Palakkad, we are able to continue the services rendered by the zealous Sehion team at the Retreat Center. Supported by the Bishop's sincere guidance, timely concurrence, presence and prayers bestowed upon all the endeavors of Sehion team, all the ministries of Sehion are widely accepted and welcomed all over the world.

People from various states in India and from countries abroad, reach Sehion Retreat Centre to attend the sermons and obtain blessings from the Most High.

Chartered programs and live services from the Centre are available at, Besides this, 'Abhishekagni' news letter is regularly published from the Centre and circulated to many subscribers.

Under the spiritual leadership of Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, Retreats and Conventions are being conducted all around the world for priests, nuns, laymen and for retreat leaders.The Perpetual Adoration, Intercessory and continuous Prayers are held and monitored by devoute and zealous team members in the Sehion team, spread among the twelve different ministries.

The Intercessory Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament gives strength and inspiration for the services of Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, who has earned name and fame as an outstanding preacher of the Word of God. He is also a renowned Retreat Leader, television orator, author of many books, and has proved his capabilities as an organizer.

'At the Retreat Centre, the Word of God is proclaimed all through the year'. At a time, the Centre accommodates nearly 450 pilgrims for a retreat.

The main retreat commences at 2.00pm IST on every Sunday, and concludes at 8.30 am IST, on the ensuing Friday. The retreats are led by Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, Fr. Binoy Karimaruthingal and Fr. Antony Nedumpuram.

Apart from this, every Friday, a one-day retreat is arranged.

One-day Bible Convention is also held on every first Friday of the month.

On every second Saturday, prayer, intercession and get-together for the family members of priests is arranged in the Centre.

For the general public, Counseling, Confession and offer of special prayers are arranged on all Fridays.(except first Friday)

From different walks of life, people gather at the Sehion Retreat Centre to obtain relief, blessings, redemption and healings by participating in the various retreats and classes.